Experience Healing For Your Entire Mind, Body, and Spirit

We provide mental healthcare and services for the body, mind, and spirit that are fundamental to an integrated and global healthcare system. We seek to make positive and profound impact to those we serve and contribute to the total health, security, and quality of life in our community and broader environment.

Maitri Values & Principals

We’re committed to mental health access for all individuals and providing a diverse choice of related services that support optimal and sustained health.

We deliver services from a foundation of dignity, hope, creativity, cultural sensitivity, and high ethical standards.

We’re invested in the individuals we serve, their families and the community. We work alongside our clients and serve as advocates by addressing needs from both service delivery and public policy perspectives.

We value staff as our greatest asset. We honor their contribution through training, supervision and support to attain excellence in mental health. Maitri strives to make our organization a rewarding place to work that encourages self-care and ongoing self development.  

We work with clients and system partners using a collaborative approach based on honesty, integrity and trust. We value the diversity of effort, approaches and skills of colleagues, partner agencies, and clients.

We’re vested in good stewardship in fiscal accountability, positive business  and community relations, client satisfaction, and ongoing service improvement.

We acknowledge that the human experience requires us to feel pain. We honor this and create a therapeutic and natural environment with the intention of self-reverence and support.

We’re dedicated to innovative services and best practice. We utilize research in realms of neuroscience, genetics, mind and body integration, and contemplative approaches.