Staff at Maitri Mental Health work with individuals to assess care needs, goals, and tailor treatment accordingly.  Individuals can select from various services and create a package to meet health needs for mind, body, and spirit. We take time with all inquiries to ensure that clients receive the correct services from the provider that is best fit.


We provide mental health consultation to organizations to assist employers develop wellness programs, provide trainings to establish trauma informed workplaces, and workshops to prevent vicarious trauma and compassion/empathy fatigue.

Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment

Our clinical staff is well versed in identifying accurate mental health diagnoses. We utilize diagnoses to steer innovative and evidence-based interventions to help individuals.  Psycho-education regarding diagnosis is also given to provide clients and their families accurate information regarding the process of treatment, recovery, and remission.

Common diagnoses that we treat include, but are not limited to:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Depressive Disorder
  • Personality Disorder
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Schizophrenia
  • Dual Diagnosis and Comorbid Disorder

Medication Management

Maitri offers medication management services to assist with stabilization and maintenance of mental health related symptoms. Medication can offer an individual support as they work toward healing and get the brain working effectively to enjoy good days and manage difficult ones. Our team utilizes a modern approach, offering genetic testing to find appropriate and effective medication and have insight into supplements and nutritional changes that offer benefit. Medication and clinical therapeutic staff work closely together to ensure a collaborative and well balanced approach.

Therapy for Individuals, Youth, Families, and Couples

Maitri offers therapy for those with mental health diagnoses and for those who are seeking personal growth in a supportive and friendly environment. Individuals can benefit from therapy to develop positive lifestyle choices, balance, increase insights to unlock barriers on potential, and manage life transitions.  Whether it is going into high school, work or family stressors, relationship issues, coping with loss, therapy can assist cope with change to feel restored and empowered.

Therapy for couples and families are also available to increase positive communication, connection, and resolve issues that are interfering with harmony and movement forward.

Group Offerings

Maitri offers groups, gatherings, and workshops to provide the essential element of community to wellness. Expanded community allows individuals to connect with others on the similar path, boost heath and recovery, and encouragement in meeting your goals. Research is supporting truth in the power of community and connection and we recognize this as vital to optimal mental health. We also invite a relaxed and family environment at Maitri, and value the power of unity and authenticity.

Addiction Recovery

We offer outpatient services for individuals who are in recovery, including counseling for couples and family whom are affected by addiction.

Expanded Community Services

Maitri is invested in our community and expanding mental health services for all. We hold local contracts to service individuals who benefit from a intensive and wraparound services including peer-to-peer counseling, clinical assessment and treatment plans, and medication management. We also work with caregivers and guardians to provide education and training.

Body Work

Maitri incorporates body work as essential to building sustained health. The state of the brain and body work as a unified system and effect each other closely. We offer massage and yoga to restore the whole system and bring one back to balance.

Creative Outlets

Art and music provide powerful insights into self and essential release. Workshops allow individuals to have an impactful experience of transformation. We encourage all clients to meet their edge in a playful way with curiosity and joy.


We offer a variety of retail products including but not limited to, supplements, healing literature, gifts of affirmation and comfort, and selfcare. All proceeds go back to Matiri in a community fund to provide assistance for services for those in financial hardship.