Kimberly Becerra

Hello, my name is Kimberly!

I am a Queer, Nonbinary, & Mexican person who uses They/Them pronouns. I hold these intersecting identities with strength to honor those who came before me. Their existence in history paved the way for myself and others in my communities to survive. My work will always represent ancestral survival and a movement towards abolishment of the systems put in place that harmed our people for centuries.


I hold a B.A in Community Health Education from the Health Studies program at OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. My experiences range from Food Insecurity & Accessibility work to Gender & Sexuality Health Advocacy where my focus has been to include an equitable lens that promotes social justice. Here at Maitri Mental Health, I hope to bring my knowledge and passion for community work, identity representation, and trauma-informed practices to their team of mental health advocates.”