Elizabeth Moffitt, LMCHA

My name is Elizabeth Moffitt and my pronouns are She/Her/Hers

I believe human beings are resilient and have the innate ability to heal from trauma. Working with adults and kids overcoming insurmountable odds for 10+ years, has provided a strong foundation of empathy and empowerment which I bring to the therapeutic relationship. The folks I see in therapy come to me to find support in their healing from various traumas including sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation.

As well as providing trauma informed, relational psychodynamic therapy, I am trained in SAFE EMDR, an effective therapy for PTSD. SAFE EMDR is effective for both childhood traumas, attachment wounds, as well as recent traumas. The version of EMDR I am trained in focuses on attachment traumas and how the body remembers trauma in the form of body memory.

My professional experience has given me a passion for providing empowering, quality therapy for survivors healing from trauma. It’s an honor for me to journey with you on your healing journey.