Chelsea Kerr, LMFT

Whether it’s with yourself, your loved ones, or the world around you, my therapeutic work is inherently about relationships. I am here to support the truth that I know: that all people have the capacity to transform their lives in a radically real way through the health of such relationships. Together, we can find the words to compassionately speak your truth and explore the echoes of this truth within you.

Individually, many of my clients arrive feeling deep and overwhelming emotions that have been avoided for years. They can seem like a network of poisonous roots: hidden, somehow connected, popping up everywhere in painful ways. I aim to gently guide your journey inward, towards your authentic self and experiences. Together we will shine a light on the dark, avoided spaces within you and tend to them with care.

Relationally, many people arrive feeling disconnected, unheard, or just unimportant to their loved ones. Others says it’s more intense, like roller coaster that leaves everyone feeling angry and fearful of the next ride. But generally, people feel stuck in a cycle that doesn’t serve them. Together, we will co-create a space in which to reconnect with your loved one in a way that feels true, natural, and new. We will look for patterns of behavior that feel like ruts in the road and work to detour them.

I am educated and have experience working with relationships that are struggling for sobriety or navigating early recovery. I am a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and enjoy working with such individuals/relationships.